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“I thought they would be just another nice perfume oil, but these are next level delicious.”  Sandy, Vic

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Summer Scents – Get Fresh.

The season of festivals is almost upon us and everybody knows you’re never fully dressed without perfume. So girls what are you wearing this festival season?
Don’t underestimate the power of perfume on your psyche. With our hot Aussie summers make sure your scent is light, uplifting and guaranteed to combat wilt!

We recommend:

Oasis Natural Perfume Oil

A dry, woody, light perfume that conjures up visions of middle eastern desert sunsets and remote life giving pools fringed by softly swaying palm trees.  The rich tapestry of ancient traditions come together in an exotic and enticing scent that is crafted around some of the oldest and best loved aromatics known to man.  If your preferences lean towards unisex fragrances you’ll find your yin-yang balance in Oasis. More info…

Girl Friday Natural Perfume Oil

Deliciously tropical, this perfume embodies freedom, flowers and lightness of being.  Round, sweet, floral notes boldly slashed through with zest, transport you to a place and time of gentle ocean breezes, hammocks slung lazily between palms, endless beaches and warm water as clear as gin.  Sunsets and cocktails. It’s a tough life being a cast-a-way… More info….

Happiness is……a new perfume

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